Beauty Expert, Edward Cruz talks with Sara Faella about being a Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur and Social Media Freak

Beauty Experts: Sara Faella and Edward Cruz

Progressive Pulse  Beauty Expert, Edward Cruz was so excited to introduce us to his fellow Beauty Expert, Sara Faella.  Take a look at his interview with Sara below as she talks about starting her salon business, what inspires her and how she uses Twitter to reach out to her audience of over 150,000 followers and counting.

Edward also wanted to make sure we could see Sara in action, so he asked me to sit in for the full ‘Sara Faella’ look.   As a Producer, I have to be ready for anything, even going on camera without makeup…Yikes!    But lucky for me Sara is extremely talented and the end result was definitely worth it.   Take a look at our video with Sara as she takes us through her step-by-step makeup techniques.  And check out what Sara’s tweeting @sarafaella.

Progressive Pulse Producer, Vivian Rodriguez Meade after Sara Faella worked her makeup magic!


Video below: Beauty Expert, Edward Cruz talks with fellow Beauty Expert, Sara Faella


Video below: Makeup Artist Sara Faella shows us makeup techniques achieving a flawless, HD camera-ready look.