Big Deal for ShortFilm at LA’s OutFest Thursday, July 15th! by Kevin M. Thomas



Heath Daniels in "Go Go Reject"

Art does imitate life….so embarrassingly apparent to Heath Daniels. Daniels, an attractive albeit thin gay man who can really dance. Unfortunately, his talents on the dance floor aren’t what clubs were looking for in a go go boy. They wanted muscles first, dance second – sounds like the T&A song from “A Chorus Line.”

Fortunately for us, Daniels was able to turn his tale into a fabulous, not-to-be-missed short film, “Go Go Reject,” playing part at Los Angeles’ OutFest on Thursday, July 15 at 9:45pm platying at the
Laemmle Sunset 5

The charming Daniels remembers being rejected painfully well. “I auditioned at a couple clubs in LA,” he recalls, “and my audition consisted of me getting up on a box and dancing for about 20 minutes. Each time I danced I was told I was a great dancer but my body didn’t really measure up to the other dancers on stage.”

With that in mind and wanting to be a go go boy in his heart, Daniels did his level-best bulk up but it never was enough. “No one was purposely rude about it, but there is something incredibly ego bruising about standing in front of someone in only a pair of underwear and having them look at you and tell you you’re not good enough.” Daniels said he loves to dance and it’s “an awesome feeling to be up on the go go box” but not when you get rejected.


”It’s always bothered me when I see go go ‘dancers’ just stand around and don’t actually dance. Perhaps I’ve intellectualized the art of go go dancing too much but I love seeing a guy who knows how to move and can really dance. Now that’s sexy!”

Since Daniels never got the part as the go go dancer, he has found other outlets for his entertainment talents. Besides doing some on-camera TV reporting and interviewing, “I have a small part in the feature film “Herpes Boy” that is doing the festival circuit right now. It’s a quirky, offbeat film that stars Byron Lane, Beth Grant and Ahna O’Reilly. It’s a cult classic waiting to happen.”

He’s also working on some additional scripts including another short film, a love story,that takes place in a porn arcade.  I have a couple feature film scripts I’m working on too.

Daniels hasn’t given up on dancing. He’s actually thinking of trying to develop a real, actual club, LightWeights, like the one that was featured in his film.

But until that happens, he’s enjoying the success he’s received from “Go Go Reject” and hopes one day to turn it into a full length feature.

To find show times and more details, go to “Go go Reject” plays Thursday, July 15th at 9:45pm at the Laemmle Sunset 5.

You can also check out the movie and where it might end up on Facebook: