Broadway’s “After Midnight” brings the Cotton Club Jazz Era Back to Life starring Fantasia and Dule Hill

Fantasia in "After Midnight" on Broadway

Fantasia in “After Midnight” on Broadway

After_Midnight_Art_websiteThe new Broadway musical, “After Midnight” is fueled with an electrifying pooling of talent ranging from Wynton Marsalis, the music of Duke Ellington, The Lincoln Jazz All-Stars, Dule Hill, Fantasia,  and the poetry of legendary, Langston Hughes.  Under the direction and choreography of Warren Carlyle (CHAPLIN, HUGH JACKMAN BACK ON BROADWAY), the 90-minute production brings the iconic Cotton Club back to life by re-imagining the music of Duke Ellington, backed by the Lincoln Jazz All-Stars, who perform on stage. The choreography is nothing short of brilliant and exhilarating paying homage to classic numbers, while fusing the dance culture of today. Dule Hill is the host who helps give us a tour into the backdoor of the Cotton Club, while reciting the poetry of Langston Hughes. Fantasia will be the first leading Special Guest singing iconic songs like “After Midnight”. K.D. Lang will follow next with Babyface and Toni Braxton to begin in the Spring. Watch the preview of “After Midnight” below along with interviews with director Warren Carlyle, actor Dule Hill and actress Adriane Lenox. Visit

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