“Bruno” pushes envelope up your ass By Kevin M. Thomas

Shock and shlock couldn’t stop the American public from driving by and seeing what all of the promotion, stick and controversy surrounding the opening of the film “Bruno” was all about.

Actor/writer Sacha Baron Cohen takes his Austrian fashion mogul/fame-hungry character from “Da Ali G Show” and stirs pots that Borat didn’t even know existed.

While “Bruno” lead the box office over the weekend with $30 million, it wasn’t the blockbuster the studio had hoped especially after the extensive (and expensive) hype of the film. Yet, it’s really not that surprising as middle America is not ready for such over-the-top, in-your-face graphic same sex scenarios that Bruno seems to get himself into and hungers for.

As a film, “Bruno” pushes the envelope – but right up your ass! Unforgiving and unapologetic, Cohen allows his Bruno to let his freak flag fly – and at the expense of the box office.

Its second week in release will be really telling if America can embrace “Bruno” or did everyone’s curiosity get appeased opening weekend and the film will plummet at the box office this weekend.

As a film, “Bruno” does have a good share of laughs. But it seems more like a sequel to “Borat,” kind of copying what worked in the first film but adding a new spin too it. For those who love good belly laughs, “Bruno” will deliver. But unlike the more sensitive and naïve Borat, Bruno is more self-serving and not as likeable. Bruno’s laughs come more at the expensive of others while Borat was more a fish out of water, making the situations and himself more the center of the jokes.

While a metropolitan city like San Francisco or New York would make an event of seeing “Bruno” and would likely see a singing penis or creative sex toy play as entertaining and tame. But show the movie in Utah, Michigan or Wyoming, and you’ve got another story altogether. “Bruno” may be playing on multiple screens in rural America, but it’s likely not playing to capacity. “Bruno” will likely do better when it’s on DVD in which people can view it in their own homes.

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  1. JIM says:

    Great write-up, Kevin. Being a midwest native (Indiana!), I have a feeling you’re right and while some people will venture out, others will just look the other way. I’m planning on seeing it sometime down the line but it’s not the must-see that the studios would like it to be.