“Buyer & Cellar” Witty One Man Show About The Mall In Barbra’s Basement by Kevin M. Thomas


Michael Urie in “Buyers & Cellar”

One person shows usually have a short run. But Michael Urie in “Buyer & Cellar” doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. It’s no wonder: the show is FANTASTIC! But Urie does take a short break Jan. 10-12 but the show will still go on with his understudy Clancy O’Connor.

Having won numerous accolades (even over Bette Midler’s one woman show!), Urie proves how stellar he is in Jonathan Tolins’ ingenious comedy that doesn’t take a cast of thousands to make a show successful. Sometimes it’s just one actor and a well written story.

Urie, who proves there’s life after “Ugly Betty,” plays Alex, a down on his luck actor who takes a job working at the “mall” in Barbra Streisand’s basement.

The part about a mall is absolutely true as detailed in Streisand’s book “My Passion for Design.” But it took the great mind of Tolins to make the truth about the basement into a witty,  fictional tale of having Barbra herself going shopping in her own mall and Urie playing the hired clerk to help sell and negotiate prices with the mall’s “customer.”

Urie, who plays all characters on stage including Streisand herself, cannot be more charming and natural for the part – even in moment’s when Alex is having conversations with Streisand and Urie repositions his body and moves to the other side of the stage to help us believe there are actually two characters on stage having a conversation. There’s a scene in particular in which Alex is getting his head massaged that you forget it’s actually Urie rubbing his own head.

Urie knows a good thing when he see’s it: a life in the theatre, embracing thoughts of Barbra Streisand, surrounded by her fans truly makes him one of the luckiest people in the world.

“Buyer & Cellar” is playing an open-ended run at the Barrow Theatre, 27 Barrow Street, New York.  Get more information at www.buyerandcellar.com.