Crowds on Fifth Avenue Watched What Happened Live as Bergdorf Goodman Unveiled, “Holidays On Ice”

DSC00120On Tuesday, November 19th, Bergdorf Goodman unveiled their annual iconic holiday store windows that face Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. This year BG revealed, “Holidays on Ice”, to a live audience who anxiously awaited the reveal in record cold conditions, led by guest host of Bravo TV’s, “Watch What Happens Live”, Andy Cohen. Together, Cohen and SVP of BG, Linda Fargo introduced STREB Extreme Action Company. STREB featured five acrobatic dancers as they descended down from several stories above the streets of Fifth Avenue. The company appeared as elves as they marched, posed and floated off the sides of Bergdorf Goodman, and cascaded down to the streets to meet the very impressed audience. This visually stunning prelude to the unveiling of “Holidays on Ice” was a nice followup to last year’s 111th celebration of the iconic store and documentary, “Scatter My Ashes Over Bergdorf’s”.

This year’s windows took five holidays throughout the year, and re-imagined them in luxurious icy conditions. Led by Senior Director of Visual Presentations, David Hoey, the holidays chosen were: Arbor Day, Fashion in the Fourth of July, April Fool’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Halloween. As always the stunning windows were picturesque and dreamy from afar, and all about the details when inspected up close and personal. The 10-foot porcelain tree, with branches adorned with crystal leaves is exquisite, as a mannequin rests on one of the branches, donning Alexander McQueen, for the Arbor Day window. Dreamy is the word to describe, the Valentine’s Day window, which is outfitted in breathtaking pink, an icicle-laden crystal chandelier and a pink confectionery buffet, as a mannequin sits in front dressed in Giambattista. The Halloween window is dark and luxurious at the same time, described as Midnight, featuring a masquerade party in high Gothic style. Details like a spider web studded in Swarovski crystals, and a towering haunted mansion glazed in ice are spectacular and mesmerizing at the same time.

Scroll through the pictures below featuring “Holidays On Ice” and STREB.