“Daddy” Needs a Kick in Order to Get Made by Kevin M. Thomas


It’s Gerald. GARold. Not JERold. It’s a hard G.

Gerald McCullouch would be a household name – if you can just say it correctly.

He’s actually taken in stride that many can’t say his name correctly –  even going as far as using “It’s a Hard G” in social media.

McCullouch is easily identifiable when you see his well-chiseled face. Most remember him as a regular on TV’s “CSI,” the recent “Hustling” web series or even earlier in “Beverly Hills 90210.”

In the past few years, the multi-talented star seems to be finding great success and opportunities playing daddy roles.

No, not in a Hallmark movie as the father of the Olsen twins in a film about teen angst. Even though he could do that. But McCullouch has become the “go to” actor to play the older man in romantic movies playing against younger men. Guess if he were a woman, he’d be a cougar. But in gay movies, these May to December love stories call the older man a daddy.

Gerald McCullouch in "Daddy"

Gerald McCullouch in “Daddy”

“It seems to be a type I’ve fallen into,” McCullouch says. “Luckily, it’s providing me the opportunity to tell some pretty amazing stories,” referring to his work in the two “BearCity” movies and his recent stint in New York’s GayFest hit “Moonlight and Love Songs.”

Another role McCullouch enjoyed on staged was called “Daddy,” which he did a few years ago to great success on both coasts that he’s now trying to bring it to the screen.

“Getting the right production team together, while getting the screenplay into the solid shape it’s in,  and finding funding has been a process,” he says. “We are down to the wire with our Kickstarter funding, which will complete our budget. If we don’t make our Kickstarter goal, we won’t be fully funded…which is so freakin’ scary.”

McCullouch points out that it’s vital for people who want to support and see “Daddy” come to life need to make donations,  as if they come up short “even by $1” they won’t get any of the funding.

Further down the road for McCullouch is a “BearCity 3” movie as those films have become wildly successful – and they too benefited from grassroots funding through Kickstarter.

“I think the experience of playing Roger in the ‘BearCity’ franchise allowed me to tap into a confident sexuality I hadn’t really experienced previously. And through embracing my ‘salt and pepper ways’ as an older, more mature man, it’s given me a new found kinda’ sexual confidence,” he says, which he hopes to bring to the role of “Daddy” as well.

But time is running out to get the final funding for “Daddy” with a deadline of Dec. 13.

Besides supporting the arts, you get some great incentives for investing including “a walk-on role,  co-executive producer credit, a DVD of the film, and/or signed scripts and tickets to the premiere and party,” says McCullouch. Perks also include Twitter shout outs or exclusive music tracks from our film’s soundtrack.” To check out some of the additional perks and to contribute, go to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/582879254/daddy-a-new-film-based-on-the-hit-play