Dominic Louis Gets Serious about the Business of Fashion and Designs for the Real Woman for Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week

Dominic Louis Fall 2014This is our third season featuring designer, Dominic Louis and each season has the designer growing and refining his vision and craft. For the second season in a row, Louis featured womenswear. Last season he focused on the silhouette, and this season he told us he ‘made her mine’. It’s clear that the designer is aware of the business of fashion as he created a vibrant color palette mixed with earth tones for Fall 2014. A slew of wearable separates paraded down the runway, with each one out doing the next in terms of fabric, cut and sexiness. Wardrobe stylist, William Clark told us he could easily see many of the separates work for any number of his clients, and the pieces worked for a wide range of age groups, which is key for longevity and having a strong hold on the business of fashion. Watch the video below to see more of the collection and our interview with Dominic Louis.