Ethereal Magic Continues for a New Era on Blue Six’s, “Signs & Wonders”

Blue Six Signs & WondersIt’s been awhile, four years actually,  since we heard from the ethereal magic from producer, Jay Denes and his Naked Music sounds,  entitled Blue Six. “Signs & Words” just recently dropped and fans of Blue Six will not be disappointed as the ethereal grooves live on with the benefit of live guitars,  and heavy bass that fuse together taking the listener into a blissful galaxy of seduction. Additionally, cult fans of singer, Aya will rejoice in the return of the elusive vocalist who graces, “Signs & Wonders” throughout the entire album, including the first single and video, “Anhedonia”. Think, Grace Jones meets Kate Bush on this mysterious and tantalizing favorite track.

Welcomed vocalists return on “Signs & Wonders” like Tabitha Fair and Catherine Russell adding their unique, effortless and subtle vocals to the timeless music Mr. Denes has  managed to create over the course of 20 years. In a recent Canadian radio interview, Denes said he really doesn’t make music anymore for big bucks, as the industry as we all know as changed dramatically over the years. He produces music he likes for the passion of it, which could explain the lapse in time fans have to wait for new music by the producer. He did indicate that after “Sing & Wonders” , he would start working on the long awaited Aya album since 2004’s “Strange Flower”.

As the entire ten tracks are a hypnotic and indulgent collection for an album, listeners will revel in the opening track, “Mass Transit”, “Anhedonia”, “Milky Way”, “Star People”, “Nothing But Time” and “Jet Black”. Watch the first video below off of “Signs & Wonders” featuring Aya and Download the album on iTunes:





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