Fashion and Fun: On Mekahel gives us TV Realness

By Kevin M. Thomas, @ReelKev

Typically, there seem to be two reasons people watch reality TV: for the lifestyles of the rich or poor and to perhaps see a table flipped after tea is spilled.

“Putting On” seems to break free from that mold and is about to begin a second season on the streaming channel Revry.
“On” is actually the name of its star On Mekahel, who also serves as Executive Producer of the show on the queer-oriented channel.

Last year, we were served an introduction to On in the first season of the show. Season two, debuting July 5, takes a deeper look at the man, his work and his life.

One would think that someone who turns everythinh he touches into gold (a quote from his best friend by the way), we’d find perhaps a snobbish, pretension and unrelatable individual. But we don’t. Every episode I watched, I kept waiting to see a darker side – but it doesn’t seem to come up.

On is very down-to-earth, a fan of pizza slices and the Shake Shack. But he is by no means a Beverly Hillbilly as he also does like the finer things in life and doesn’t put on airs about his accomplishments.
On has been a model, part-time actor and mostly known for manufacturing high-quality underwear. This season of the show, we see him expanding his interests into fragrances and make-up.

The show’s not all about promoting his brand. We take a beautiful trip with On and his fiance Dave to Israel and we see the genuineness of their relationship.  The show also shows how he keeps himself in top form – whether it be using sage to keep him at peace spiritually or going to a spa for preventative maintenance on his physical appearance. He keeps the yin and yang of his inward and outward selves in harmony.

On is seemingly such a nice person, that it is an absolute joy to see someone so grounded and serene live the lifestyles of the very rich – and not be a bitch about it.

I truly hope these are his true colors as it makes his story, and this show, a pleasure to watch. Catch up with season one now and start season two July 5. Also available at

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