Film Festival Favorite “Serial Monogamist” Enjoys Brief LA Run Prior to DVD Release by Kevin M. Thomas


The old joke about lesbians bringing a U-Haul on their second date because they’re ready to move in is put to the test in a creative and fun way in the movie “Portrait of a Serial Monogamist.”

Commitment-phobic Elsie may move-in on the second date but she also easily moves on, leaving an array of interesting women in her path. But Elsie may be having regrets from ending her last relationship too soon, laying out the plot in this fresh new movie.

After a long and exciting journey through many film festivals, the trail of laughter comes to a pinnacle as the film prepares for a theatrical run in Los Angeles on Jan. 29 and becomes available OnDemand and DVD Feb. 9.

Its star, Diane Flacks, is no stranger to making people laugh as she was also an Emmy nominated writer for the cult comedy “Kids in the Hall.”

featured-posmwebFlacks seems natural for the role but, unlike Elsie, has no problem with commitment as she’s been married for many years and she and her wife have two children.

Flacks comes up a winner in this upbeat movie. The dialog was so fresh and winning that writer Flacks didn’t feel the need to embellish the script. 

“I was so grateful to be part of such a wonderful film that is a great representation of our community,” she says, pointing out that there are too many lesbian movies that focus on tortured souls, which isn’t the norm.

She also didn’t try to change any dialog in respect for the writers, Christina Zeidler and John Mitchell. There was one scene, however, that did have a few ad-libs.

The hilarious scene at a cat funeral had a few lines thrown in by the cat parents’ in mourning. Flacks said that when people auditioned for the movie, that was the scene they were given and they had to do it in groups and people constantly were cracking up reading the scene.

A hit at many film festivals, Flacks says she really admired the determination of the filmmakers to get the film on the screen and how they never gave up and worked through every obstacle.

Everyone involved hope that the film and its realness and humor hit a chord with audiences and becomes a classic “especially with Canadians as it really shows off Toronto.”

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