Find Out Why We Love Mezcal and Why it’s the New Tequila By Steve V. Rodriguez

Mezcal from OaxacaOne of the most increased imports coming out of Mexico in the last few years has been the spirit Mezcal. Like Tequila, Mezcal is also made from the agave plant, however instead of blue agave, it’s traditionally made from the Maguey form and other agave varieties. Described as smokier than tequila, Mezcal is showing up in bars and restaurants in major cities across the country and Japan. Recently at Astor Center in New York City, located directly above Astor Wine & Spirits, 11 Mezcal producers from Oaxaca showed off, and sampled their respective Mezcals to New Yorkers in the know of this fine spirit. Chef Julian Medina (Toloache, Yerba Buena, Coppelia), paired delicious Mexican cuisine to accompany the sipping, and head bartender, Josh Hortman, of Anejo Tequileria concocted signature Mezcal cocktails. We tried three of the 11 (Shawi, El Espiritu Lauro and El Jolgorio) and were very impressed. Watch the video below to learn more about Mezcal. Visit for upcoming events. Follow Chef Medina: @ChefMedinaNYC