Full Funk and Rock will be served by The Main Squeeze

TMS_BkBowl_4x6-1If you happen to catch The Main Squeeze at NOLA Jazzfest, then you are aware of the group’s musical power to turn an ordinary set into a raucous party, full of Funk, Rock, Blues and Soul. Led by frontman,Corey Frye , who’s voice harkens back to 60’s Motown love, but who has the ability to rock down the house in tracks like, “I’ll Take Another”, off their new self titled, album, “The Main Squeeze”, the band has the makings to catapult into superstardom. With the help of producer, Randy Jackson, The Main Squeeze have taken their Bloomington, Indiana roots and have been igniting stages across the country with their live performances.

314x_DSC6746?UESTLOVE is a legend. His “Bowl Train” Thursday night parties at Brooklyn Bowl are raucous. The Main Squeeze is playing a two-hour set.

Watch their video below for, “I’ll Take Another”. The 9:39 song proves that this band has an infectious songwriting capability, but is not giving up their Funk/Rock roots that make them who they are. Thank God! You can also listen and download their new album below. Visit: MainSqueezeMusic.com for more information.