“Futuro Beach” is a transitory and visual story told in three parts about how love can change the course of life By Steve V. Rodriguez

Jesuita Barbosa and Wagner Moura in "Futuro Beach"

Jesuita Barbosa and Wagner Moura in “Futuro Beach”

Told in three parts, “Futuro Beach” is a transitory film that begins in the volatile beaches of Brazil and transports the viewer to the ever-evolving city of Berlin. Director, Karim Ainouz ignites his film with a visual and aggressive start featuring two German motorcyclists in full throttle heading to the beach. The extreme sport launch has the two Germans swimming in the harsh ocean waves only to find themselves caught in mother nature’s unforgiving wave currents. Life guard, on hand, Donato, does his best to try and save the two men, but unfortunately loses one of the two visitors. What ensues is a passionate love affair between Donato and the remaining tourist, Konrad, which has the two begin a life in Konrad’s home of Berlin,  and ultimately a visit from Donato’s past that brings it all home.

The superbly  visual film, shot by Ali Olay Gözkaya, is as equally stunning as it is engrossing . Told in three parts, the subtle dissection emotionally moves the viewer to the next phase of this beautiful love story that is equal parts love between Donato and Konrad, family love and self love for the direction of one’s path in life. Ainouz has created a modern day film that truly reflects the often spontaneous meetings that occur through international travels which can often redirect the course of life,  and the emotional path that follows.

Enough can’t be said about the chemistry that develops between the two leads Wagner Moura and Clemens Schick, who are not only visually attractive, but allow the viewer to take a journey from Brazil to Germany and follow this romantic, yet often tumultuous international affair. Savio Ygor Ramos and Jesuita Ramos, who play Ayrton at  10 years and as an adult, do their part at crating a subplot that ultimately becomes as alluring as the our two main protagonists.

‘Futuro Beach” will linger in memory simply through it’s stunning visuals and global themes. The theme of giving up something to gain something else should resonate with larger audiences, but the film as a whole is a winner on multiple levels. “Futuro Beach” plays at Outfest, Wednesday, July 16th at the DGA1 at 9:45pm.