Give Yourself Rozes this Valentine’s and Hear the Blissful Ethereal Vocals of Her New EP, “Burn Wild”

rozes-burn-wild-2016-1Just in time for Valentine’s Day, and the year of the Monkey,  comes the blissful, ethereal and approachable talent of Rozes with her new EP, “Burn Wild”. Fans of the group The Chainsmokers will recognize the voice with last Summer’s smash hit, appropriately titled, “Roses”. The new remixes are out and should be on most dj’s hotlist. 2016 should be rolling out the red carpet for this multi-talented singer, performer and writer, who at 22 has assembled an alluring new EP where vocals seductively wrap around ethereal electronic soundscapes that never deviate too far out of the pop arena.

First track, “Everything” is a lush arena that will immediately entice any listener to crave more from Rozes’ vocals, while basking in the dreamy electric atmosphere that builds and builds to a dramatic crescendo. Keep this track handy and on repeat.

Other standout tracks include the vulnerable and sexy, “Desirable”, the incredibly catchy, “RUMINE”, and the title track which infuses a clever Reggaeton beat with lyrics that should resonate with lovers.

I think the most profound track on “Burn Wild”  is “Fragile”. The track could be an ode to all the solo Valentine’s out there who may be perfectly content, but can’t deny when one succumbs to an evening of a stranger, basking in the intimacy of the night. The verse below is a perfect example:

You let me fall Into your arms
You’re my savior
And it’s so sad
But beautiful
I’m so fragile

The 7-track EP could have easily been Rozes smashing debut album with just a couple more tracks, but something tells me the world will be hearing more from this talented sensation as she peels away and reveals more of her talent. Rozes taps into a vulnerable and emotional territory that never becomes depressing or self-indulgent, but showcases the beauty of her art form that will hopefully transcend to multiple audiences.

Sample “Burn Wild” below and download on iTunes: