Golden “Girls” Yule Love For The Holidays by Kevin M. Thomas


Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia are back in the guise of some of San Francisco’s most popular drag queens in another season of “The Golden Girls” Christmas Episodes, playing through Dec. 26 at Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory at 1519 Mission (at 11th) in San Francisco.

Heklina, Cookie Dough, Matthew Martin and Pollo del Mar return as the drag Golden Girls – they’ve bonded just like their TV counterparts so they all wanted to get together again to do the Christmas episodes of the classic TV show. “They only did two Christmas episodes,” says Heklina, who says they are adding another episode of the famed show that they didn’t do last year so people can get as much of the “girls” as possible. Heklina says they may even write their own “Golden Girls” Christmas episode for next year.

And when the show ends near the end of December, these new golden girls will be taking it on the road to Portland and coming back to San Francisco for next year’s gay pride celebration.

Although they are having fun with the show, not every night is smooth sailing for the “girls.” Heklina recalls a bunch of hecklers last winter. “It was really just a bunch of drunk women,” Heklina says, adding it made it hard to concentrate on stage as the theatre is very small and you can really hear everything.” Heklina adds, though, this isn’t “The Rocky Horror Show” and requires no audience participation.

Other dramas not part of the show could be happening backstage, but Heklina won’t elaborate except that “it’s very tight quarters backstage and there is no bathroom. Sometimes we had to pee in any empty juice container.”

The show plays on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm and 9pm (and an extra show on Dec. 26 at 5pm and no performances on Dec. 24 and 25).

Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased at:

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