“Ice Cream Everyday” by Amel Larrieux is a Nourishing Collection of Soulful Gems

Amel LarrieuxWho doesn’t want “Ice Cream Everyday”? This is the  title of Amel Larrieux’s new album that dropped on Tuesday, which is a beautiful melange of soulful, and nourishing gems that fuel the soul, both lyrically and musically. From the opening track and first single, “Afraid”,  the listener is introduced to the incredible flow of lyrics and groove, that seamlessly complement each other as is true for the entire album. Often with music one is seduced by a voice,  or a groove alone. On “Ice Cream Everyday”, or any one of Larrieux’s previous albums, both voice, lyrics and groove work off each other. Who can’t resist smiling when Amel sings, “Like someone slipped me something, And that something’s you. Almost walked into a wall, Imagining your embrace. Had to snap myself out of the thought of your lips and their heavenly taste.” Don’t let the title fool you, this is no light pop album filled with rainbows and trite lyrics. On the contrary the title is meant to evoke a sense of happiness in the small things that occur everyday in life. Put this album on from beginning to end, and remember to enjoy the beautiful everyday process known as life.

I’ve seen Amel Larrieux live several times and the audience is always treated to an artist who is full of pure emotion, that is infectious. In a recent BET interview, Larrieux confessed that if she didn’t have an outlet like singing, she’s convinced she’d be roaming the streets of New York talking to herself , because her heart has so much to express. In addition to working with her husband Laru Larrieux, who produces all the music with his wife, Amel makes every show a family affair, with help from her daughter Sky, who sings and plays on the album.

As previously state, this is an album to press play and let stream and flow from start to finish. However, it’s worth noting a few standout tracks:

“I Do Take” – Conjures up Prince and could easily be included on the “Purple Rain” soundtrack.

“You Don’t See Me” – It’s evident that both Amel and Laru have a love for the music of the 80’s & 90’s. Remember those sick beats from Bel Biv DeVoe??? From melody to lyrics this track is pure Fire!

“Ur the Shhh”  – Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, will identify with this clean and pure track that’s simply blissful.

“Berries and Cream” – Deep bass and sensual lyrical prowess by Amel, infiltrate the sweet poetry of this standout favorite track. Yes, you’ll need to press repeat!

“Danger” – Haunting and dreamy, you’ll be swept away by the wisdom and awakening of a call to action. Get lost in the guitar riffs.

“Moment to Reflect” – This mantra of a track should be spoken to oneself, but is accompanied by a focused and driving beat.

“Orange Glow” – Again, another seamless merging of tough beats, alongside a poetic delivery of positivity.

“See Where You Are” – Stripped down beats, and a simple musical arrangement benefit with Amel’s haunting delivery. “Lay down your pencil, Computer off, Say not a word, Get out of your car, Step away from your desk, Don’t look at the clock, Stand there in silence… And see where you are.”

“Don’t Let Me Down” – Mesmerizing is the beauty and delivery of Amel Larrieux, that conjures up her earlier album, “Lovely Standards”.

“Trapped Being Human” – Put the headphones on and walk with a purpose. Pure energy exists in this warbled and dreamy track,  produced by Laru Larrieux.

Listen to samples from “Ice Cream Everyday” here. 







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  1. “Ice Cream Everyday” reintroduces us to Ms. Larrieux in fine fashion and reminds the fans of why we missed her. Her angelic vocals serve as the necessary backdrop for the tracks provided and not the other way around. When listening to this album I tried to imagine the actual music without her voice and I just couldn’t. Her vocals are so intricately woven into the music, so layered that they are all one. I love how this has been consistent in all of her projects and has become her signature sound. Not many artists today are successful in doing this. Amel Larrieux’s vocal arrangements are complicated, beautiful and for a lack of a better word, “Sick”.