Important Short Film, “Food For Thought, Food For Life” Screens Online this Saturday, October 24th for FOOD DAY!



FOOD DAY is this Saturday, October 24th and to help celebrate and begin important conversations about the food we obtain and consume, a brand new short film by award winning director, Susan Rockefeller, “Food For Thought, Food For Life”, will be available to view for free on & . Rockefeller has done a brilliant job of making this film available, partnering with Food Day and creating a film that breaks down where our food 10411304_781941878528192_1083557120895490506_ncomes from,  and the environmental dangers large farms have on our energy systems. In the film we learn that one of the biggest culprits of environmental destruction comes from large agricultural farms in this country. Large farms in Iowa, for example that only produce two crops like corn and wheat, or hog farms in other parts require the most energy, use pesticides and are using up the largest water supplies. With over 90% of government money going to just a few crops like corn, soybeans, rice, cotton and wheat,  it makes sense that fast food is the cheapest options over healthier foods like tomatoes. Fast food is largely responsible for many health problems Americans face.

The film features Stone Barns Center in New York, along with chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill restaurant, progressive farmers and speakers all of which speak to a revolution in the direction food can,  and should be heading towards to safe our planet,  and the health of those inhabitants simultaneously. The revolution includes ideas on how to get involved in your community into the ways we obtain our food. Ideas of window plots, urban gardens and rooftop gardens are just some of the ways to get active.  Most importantly you can vote with your dollar.

Watch the film on Food Day and begin a conversation with your family and friends. Food is life and affects us all. Happy Food Day and Happy Eating!

Visit: www.FoodForThoughtFilm and Follow on Twitter: @FoodDay2015

Food for Thought, Food for Life – TRAILER from Susan Rockefeller on Vimeo.