Bluey of Incognito talks Hurricane Relief through new single – Listen.Download.Support

It’s usually about this time after a catastrophic event like Hurricane Sandy, that we forget that many are still rebuilding and picking up the pieces to forge ahead. Incognito and Kelli Sae have teamed up to produce an uplifting and positive new soulful track that looks at the power of the human spirit to rise above despite our circumstances. The new track, in which 100% of the proceeds will benefit Rebuilding Together and Unicef UK,  is aimed towards supporting long-term disaster restoration efforts for victims of Hurricane Sandy and Typhoon Bopha. Read what both artists had to say about their inspiration for recording, “Brighter than the Sun”:

“When I heard news that Sandy was coming, like many others I didn’t expect such a devastating disaster. Lives were lost. Families were completely destroyed. Businesses crumbled. Neighborhoods were destructed and need to be rebuilt. I felt completely helpless. All I could do was watch with my mouth open. I donated food and clothing, but still needed to do more,” states Kelli Sae.  “So, I decided to use my voice and made a call to my amazing friend Bluey  and ‘Brighter Than The Sun’ was born.” Bluey Maunick penned the lyrics in “Brighter Than The Sun,” to deliver on Sae’s intent,  “Ain’t no use in being down, turn it loose, let’s turn this world around. I got you, baby you got me, we’re made of stars brighter than the sun. We put our  faith in what we know, and trust we will find a way.” Within one hour of Sae’s request, Bluey wrote the song in London. The next day, he recorded the music with Incognito, and completed it that week by adding Kelli’s dynamic, soulful voice which lifted the song to another level. Watch video below to hear what Bluey told me about giving back.

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