Incognito frontman, Bluey talks to us about New Solo Album, Maysa, Turf Dancing

Bluey of Incognito In one day I sat down with Bluey of Incognito, his muse, Maysa and was fortunate to see the 14-member group, Incognito perform live at B.B. Kings in New York City. The 2 plus hour show was a  soulful explosion of Jazz, Funk, Soul and Dance music, that rocked the house,  featuring a complete horn section alongside powerhouse singers:  Maysa, Tony Momrelle, Vanessa Haynes, Natalie Williams and Kelli Sae. Bluey talked about his new solo album, “Leap of Faith”, which includes the infectious new dance single, ‘Got to Let My Feelings Show’. Watch the music video below. Talking to this legendary producer, musician, writer and singer who’s been in the business successfully for over 30 years, was so much fun. Aside from what he shared with me in the video below, Bluey also talked about the club scene in the 80’s,  and hanging out with Steven Dante, Jellybean and Boy George. His favorite disco song has to be “Somebody Else’s Guy” by Jocelyn Brown, or anything by Donna Summer. And, his favorite memory of the music scene in the 70’s was going to a record store to buy a Crusaders album, and discovering Jaco Pastorius’ first album. He took the album to his squat, at the time, and it got played all night long into the morning – Wow!  Watch the video below and get, “Leap of Faith”.


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  1. Mike Howard says:

    I have voted this album,the best of the year so far.Classy music ,Well done bluey,and thank you for the radio drop too. Mike Howard radio presenter on UK Manchester.