Ivy Levan’s Star Rises in “No Good” – Album review by Eric D. Baca

2“I think you might have missed it, I think you got it twisted, when I told you to kiss it, my biscuit, my biscuit” goes the fiery hit track “Biscuit” by one badass blue-eyed soul songstress named Ivy Levan on her debut album release, No Good

Ms. Levan’s album showcases a multi-genre sound that she describes as “Swamp Hop” because, as she explains, like a swamp, her music is dark, moody but filled with life and thrill at the same time.

“No Good”, the soulful title track tells of love lost and features Levan’s edgy vocalist style layered with solid production.

No Good, the album, is a complex blend of sounds and styles but one that is flawlessly tied together by this up-and-coming superstar in only a way Levan can. Her strength & consistency as a vocalist shines throughout the album from the hot bumping dance cuts to the sultry and emotionally delivered ballads which give a peek into Levan’s vulnerable persona underneath her fierce exterior.  Her songs are multi-layered, not only in their musicality and production but, lyrically, she exposes her pain, heartbreak and ultimate perseverance. 

My other picks are:  “The Dame Says”, “Champagne Taste”, “Best Damn Thing”, “Killing You feat. Sting” and “Johnny Boy”

You will, no doubt, hear more from Ivy Levan in the future as it’s obvious she has the makings of true music superstar from her sassy tough diva image to her gifts as a vocalist and songwriter. We look forward to watching Ivy blaze up the path that artists like Amy Winehouse paved.