J. Lindeberg Men’s Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection is a Space Odyssey to Mars and an Homage to the 60’s

J. Lindeberg

J. Lindeberg’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection will appeal to a nice pooling of gents next season as it featured meticulously tailored garments and stylings with just enough embellishment and texture to expand the label and get the nods of New York’s finest. Head designer, Jessy Heuvelink was a busy man at New York Men’s Day, an annual event that precedes New York Fashion Week the day before,  and is produced by Agentry PR as he talked about his current collection to heads of GQ,  and our own Carlton Jones. Heuvelink explained the inspiration came from his love of fine tailoring of the 60s, rock n’ roll and thinking of that era when we were sending the first man on the moon and our relationship with earth to outer space. Watch our interview and feature below. Follow J. Lindeberg on Instagram: @jlindebergjournal