Kathy Griffin Deserves A TONY! By Steve V. Rodriguez

kg-tonyI just had the pleasure of seeing “Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony” on Broadway at the Belasco Theatre for 1 of only 10 shows. Fans of Kathy will continue to adore her as her material remains fresh up to 30 minutes prior to showtime. How do we know this? She told us! No previews for this show she informs, it’s straight to Broadway with the latest hot off the press material. Griffin started the show with a hilarious retrospective montage of video clips that showcase her expansive presence in mainstream media.  Clips ranged from her reality series, “My Life on the D-list”, to her one and only guest spot on Oprah. The always shameless comedienne flaunted her brand of calling out celebs from the red carpet to the ladies of the The View particularly with Hasselbeck.  For those of us on “Team Griffin” we’ve seen it all, literally feeling as though we know her assistant Tiffany to her beloved mother Maggie’s affection for referring to her daughter as Kathleen, spouting out distaste with the phrase, ‘Jesus Christ’ and of course her love of the boxed wine with the spicket.

Kathy’s signature brand of calling out A-Lister Celebs for their crazy shenanigans may not get her closer to rubbing elbows with them but, does wonders for increasing her audience size. Always fresh material, her run on Broadway won’t disappoint as topics  ranged from the obvious Sheen, Lohan, Bieber and the absurdity of the current cast of “Celebrity Apprentice”. Old standby topics included Oprah and Bobby Brown. However, on the former she included a new bit on the queen of television’s new OWN network suggesting that Oprah may be reminding the world that she in fact OWNs us and on the latter front were two juicy new stories about Whitney’s recent embarrassing pre-Grammy behavior and Bobby’s out of breath performance of “My Prerogative” after last year’s unsuccessful ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ attempt.

New Yorkers will definitely appreciate the one-woman show as she includes plenty of material about the absurdity of Broadway. Oh yes, Griffin pokes fun at the union staff who are mere feet away and balks at all the rules and regulations imposed on the theatre community stating that the Belasco Theatre can ‘suck it’. She does immediately apologize for having no traditional theatre antics or stunts as she immediately goes into digs at “Spiderman: Turn Off The Lights” laughing that with all the controversy surrounding the production it’s hilarious to watch a taxi cab commercial of the show featuring Spiderman singing a sappy ballad promoting the show.

New York continues to fuel the show with references to the differences between L.A. and NY when it rains. According to Griffin nobody goes out in L.A. when it rains but, they do in NY. Not only do they go out but, the entire city looks like an umbrella cemetery the next day with broken umbrellas scattered into every nook and cranny of the street.

But, it’s Griffin’s ability to pull in “My Gays” that always gets the crowd cheering as she asks, “Where’s my sloppy bottoms?” Her extensive work with the LGBT community has not gone unnoticed especially when she tells the story about how she received death threats after twotting (Kathy’s way of tweeting) that Willow Palin should never use the derogatory “F” word when referring to Gay people.

Be sure and catch “Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony” for her limited engagement here in New York City. You won’t be disappointed. You may even get a surprise guest come up on stage like Suze Orman or Rosie O’donnell who appeared at my show. Tonight, March 17th you can also catch Kathy Griffin on her new Bravo TV special, “50 And Not Pregnant” at 9PM, 8 Central.