Keep Up Your Workouts this Summer While You Travel with the Rubber Band Workout

Rubberband WorkoutOkay, so you’ve been training hard since Winter, or at least Spring and you’re about to embark on your Summer vacation travel. Do you really want to find a gym while on vacation and spend time in there? On the other hand, you don’t want to lose all the gains you’ve made and throw it away for some Summer fun, right? Hopefully, you’ve put the time in prior to your excursion, but even if you haven’t,  we’ve got the perfect workout for you to keep you in shape, and you don’t have to leave your hotel room. By using the resistant rubber bands, that pack up easy, you only need to spend a few minutes and try our new video workout with trainer, Alejandro Terrazas. Be sure to keep up with Alex at or at Twitter @UnleashFit  Try the six exercises in this workout, performing them for one-minute each, with a 15 second rest in between. Good luck and Stay fit!