Kristin Chenoweth is A LITTLE BIT WICKED

A criteria for a successful celebrity memoir is not only the hopefully salacious secrets they spill on the pages but also that the reader is able to hear the “voice” of the subject even when said subject has someone aiding them in the task of putting their past to page.

Kristin Chenoweth’s A Little Bit Wicked (Life, Love and Faith in Stages) arrives on bookshelves and, if you’re a fan of the small dynamo with the powerful voice and endless energy to spare, you’re in for a treat.  While Joni Rodgers is giving “with” credit with Chenoweth, it’s Chenoweth’s voice that is heard throughout the book and makes for a read that is an entertaining and multifaceted as Chenoweth herself.

If you’re already a fan, Chenoweth’s background won’t be a big surprise but her small details (such as the possibility that her birth mother was just standing in front of her during her reign as Miss Oklahoma City University) flesh out who this woman is before she was earning Tony awards for her onstage work in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown and Wicked or juicing up the already fascinating but sadly short-lived Pushing Daisies television series.

If you’re not one of the KDC diehards (Kristin Dawn Chenoweth, as I saw on a young girl’s t-shirt at a Barnes and Noble book signing last week), there’s still much to be entertained with in this book.  Chenoweth talks about her voice training and how a sure-fire career in Opera was sidelined for the Great White Way, her on-again, off-again relationship with West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin and her work on many other television series, films and theater productions.

Through it all, Chenoweth is the first one to say where’s she’s made a fool of herself or when she’s made a mistake and that trait makes her even more likeable.  While there’s really nothing too salacious in the book (her mother brought her up right!), you’ll find out what Jon Stewart said to her before she sang at the Oscars as well as her touching friendship with actor John Spencer, who would die while Chenoweth was working with him on The West Wing.  Chenoweth isn’t afraid to share her personal triumphs and successes but is, at heart, still a wide-eyed girl-next-door from Oklahoma and, like us, she’s also a fan.

A Little Bit Wicked, published by Touchstone, a division of Simon & Schuster, is available everywhere books are sold and at