LA’s Outfest: AIDS-Themed “Pushing Dead” Pushes Envelope Between Comedy and Drama by Kevin M. Thomas

by Kevin M. Thomas



Here’s a funny one for you. A struggling writer with HIV is dropped from his health plan and is unable to fill his prescriptions due to his meager income.

This seemingly dark film, “Pushing Dead,” is actually also a funny comedy and was one of the best films at San pushing3Francisco’s Frameline Film Festival.

If you have ever met director/writer Tom E. Brown, you’d experience his sarcastic sense of humor and not be surprised that the serious film is not only filled with laughs but also won the audience choice award at Frameline.

While relaxing at San Francisco’s Hotel Zephyr,  San Francisco resident Brown tells us how he’s spent over 15 years trying to bring this movie to the screen and how close it matches – or not – to experiences he’s had with his own insurance nightmares.

Click here and check out the great time we had discussing the film’s famous co-stars Danny Glover and Khandi Alexander as well as his using some less traveled streets of San Francisco as background, instead of the usual stereotypical SF settings.

Los Angeles film goers now get a chance to catch this excellent film. It will be playing Outfest on July 13. To get tickets, and it will likely sell out, go to

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