LA’s Tom Goss Shares His Love of SF in New Video

By Kevin M. Thomas, @ReelKev

Tom Goss

You don’t know that you know Tom Goss.

If you see him on the street, you might think he’s the cutie you chatted with last night on Grindr. Or the sexy bartender who listened to you last night with his sympathetic eyes.

But you do know Goss. He’s a gay singer/songwriter whose songs have hit just the right chord with music fans and will be introducing his new video in San Francisco on Feb. 11 at the Lookout.

Several of Goss’ videos hit over 1 million views on YouTube. Partly due to the song and performance itself, but also due to the fact that he pushes the envelope.  His cover of Dusty Springfield classic “Son of a Preacher Man” put a spotlight on LGBT teen suicide. His song “Bears” got a lot of attention as he celebrates the bear community and men of all shapes and sizes.

Goss, who lives in Los Angeles, is debuting his latest video “More Than Temporary” because it has a lot of San Francisco connections and he loves the city by the bay. ” I’ve always been enamored with San Francisco. I’m not sure I even know how to describe it,” he says, “There’s an energy in the city that’s undeniable.”

He said when he started working on “More Than Temporary” and its concept of LGBT seniors in long-term relationships, he couldn’t help seeing San Francisco at the center of that image. “It’s been a safe haven for our community for so long, I wanted to honor that as best as I could.” His decision was solidified when renowned SF director Chris Turner came on board. “I knew he could help show off the city in the most positive light.”

San Francisco also has a prominent bear community – many of whom embrace his videos and some may want to embrace him personally. While Goss isn’t a bear, he said he’s been called a cub but one of his favorites is  “honey badger.” He also feels part of the bear community when he has his husbear on his arm.

“I am attracted to big men, that’s where my sexual desire lies. Beyond that, I’m just happy to be a part of a community that uplifts one another and is interested in building friendships, encouraging art, eating and laughing,” he says.

As an entertainment, most of Goss’ following has been built on social media. “I’ve worked hard to build a grassroots following. I’ve been touring for almost a decade, performing over 1,000 shows in 100 cities throughout the US and abroad. I love performing live – it’s where I feel most at home. Although I generate a lot of online content, I still continue to travel and perform whenever possible.”

Some of us may recognize Goss from LGBT movies that have played in the area and at film festivals. Goss usually plays the character of “singer,” but he says he’d  “love to find a couple roles that I can really dive into. I don’t take any artistic endeavor lightly, so I’d want to be in a place where I could set aside my other work and focus on the craft of acting.”

He is somewhat of an actor of course in his videos. The one we will see on Feb. 11 is a perfect example of that and was actually written in the city when he was visiting friends in Bernal Heights.

Goss would love to share his exuberance of San Francisco at the Lookout when he’s here. Cocktails and mingling is at 9pm and the video debuts at 10pm. He promises to be on time even though he loves to walk around drinking in the city’s “energy and warmth.” Or, wait. he could be late because it’s hard for him to resist a chocolate covered brownie at Hot Cookie.

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