Leave Your Heart in SF and Stay Across the Bay on the Sunny Side of the Bay at Oakland’s Executive Inn & Suites

Everyone knows San Francisco is one expensive city to live in and to stay due to it’s scenic beauty and charm, high tech advancements, diversity, culture and history, but with BART, Lyft and Uber readily available, travelers can stay just east of the fabulous city for a fraction of the cost, plenty of space and astute amenities. My favorite new spot to stay is the Executive Inn & Suites in Oakland as well as it’s connecting neighboring hotel the BWP Bayside Hotel. Both properities are situated at the foot of a beautiful marina called the Embarcadero Cove, where smaller boats and rowing teams can be viewed on a daily basis,  while the picturesque view of the San Francisco skyline lets guests know that they may have left their heart in San Francisco, but kept their pocket books with them in Oakland.

With spacious rooms and a cozy sitting area, most rooms allow guests to spread out for a comfy and convenient getaway,  or practical work trip complete with a proper desk and office chair. My last room had a balcony that overlooked the beautiful marina while I was able to snap gorgeous sunset pictures that faced San Francisco. Other amenities include complimentary breakfast, free wifi and parking and a complimentary shuttle service to/from five locations including OAK airport, Lake Merritt BART station, Jack London Square and the Oakland Ferry Building. The latter allows one to relax on a quick ferry ride from Oakland to San Francisco while sipping on a cocktail stress free!

Additionally, since the Executive Inn & Suites doesn’t have a full kitchen, they do offer a nightly dinner for sixteen dollars that I found delicious and a steal! You get a choice of steak or salmon, grilled on a real outdoor grill with mash potatoes and  a a nice salad. Let me tell you that none of the preparation was phoned in, in fact even if I’m not staying at the property I would run down there to take advantage of this incredible deal. I’ve heard that the hotel may layer in a vegetable skewer option for vegetarians in the near future.

Finding a place to stay these days in popular cities like San Francisco can be a headache and break the bank, but the Executive Inn & Suites should be your option for price, convenience, amenities, service and a quiet night’s sleep.  For it’s own entity, Oakland offers visitors plenty of diverse options like a re-invented brunch at Penrose, sensory walks along Lake Merritt, outdoor cocktails at Lake Chalet, films at the iconic Grand Lake Cinema, eclectic music and shows at The New Parish, The Fox Theatre, Yoshi’s and the iconic Paramount theater. Check out the excellent Oakland Museum of CA http://museumca.org/  and don’t miss an opporutnity to eat at  Calavera, where Mexican cuisine mirrors the flavors of Mexcico City and Oaxaca.

Visit: https://www.executiveinnoakland.com/ for you next San Francisco/Bay Area stay. Follow them on IG: https://www.instagram.com/execinnoak/