Los Amigos Invisibles: REPEAT AFTER ME fuse mature musicianship w/boyish tendencies

Repeat-After-Me-Los-Amigos-InvisiblesLos Amigos Invisibles’ new album, “Repeat After Me” comes at a perfect time this Spring when the group’s native country, Venezuela,  is in such turmoil currently with the recent election aftermath that went to Chavez incumbent, Maduro by a slim margin. However, the band that once told Progressive Pulse they feel they are the B52’s of Latin America, LAI are  back in full force delivering an infectious party album to help you forget any drama this Spring.

On their current album, “Repeat After Me” the guys fuse many influences we’ve heard on past albums from Disco dance gems, lounge tinged rhythms, native Latin sounds and even include Rock. LAI let loose on the  girl crazed track,  “Sex Appeal”, which lead singer, Julio Briceno sings, “You boost my day with your g-string. Can’t take my mind off that little thing…” “Mostro” is another hilarious track which basically starts off saying, I have a monster in my closet, sung in Spanish. The silly track still manages to show the incredible musicianship of Los Amigos Invisibles, plus continues to showcase the immense personality of this Latin sensation, that really is demonstrated in their live shows.

Infectious first track off the album, “La Que Me Gusta” has wide appeal to be a big hit with it’s uplifting lyrics and bouncy 80’s  vibe. “Rio Porque No Fue un Sueno” is a sultry track utilizing soft and whispery vocals, with a dose of Disco injected for good measure. But it’s tracks like, “Corazon Tatu”, “Stay”, “Hopeless Romance” and “Invisible Love” that are based on that LAI quintessential ability to blend Electro tinged Rock tracks, with carefree Dance beats.

If Los Amigos Invisible’s last album, “Commercial” was the band’s take at mainstream viability, “Repeat After Me” lets loose of all barriers, and does just that, allows the band to be themselves. The result is a musically mature new album with plenty of boyish tendencies to make you want to come back for more.