Los Angeles Comedic Talent Shows New Yorkers His Bright and Bold Side

by Kevin M. Thomas, @ReelKev

One of Los Angeles’ most powerhouse performers and funniest humans on the planet brings his talents – and a little taste of Southern California – to New York’s Soho Playhouse.

Drew Droege, writer and star of the one-man comedy “Bright Colors and Bold Patterns,” is giving New York a taste of a Palm Springs gay wedding.
Droege has had success playing both male and female parts and might be a record holder in the number of web series he’s acting in. He’s also a comedic writer and this show is based on a true event.
Droege actually was invited to a Palm Springs wedding and the invitation requested not to wear bright colors or bold patterns.
The absurdity of asking one to tone it down not only at a gay wedding but one in Palm Springs opens to showcase Droege’s many talents, allowing for many delicious monologues as he addresses characters we never see or hear. Droege is able to paint a portrait of the other guests he interacts with, even though he’s alone on stage.
This show might be even more of a riot on several views as Droege, who was part of the Groundlings improvisational troupe, is a master of improv and likely will pepper in different comedic scenarios with his own brilliance. He’s very much like Robin Williams, able to take a scene and make it different every time.
Droege also shows he’s very Williamsesque in “Bold Colors” as he speaks a mile a minute and never gives himself a chance to breathe. He keeps the energy and the laughter at an avalanche speed.
Then, perhaps three quarters in, Droege actually slows down a tad. Not that he’s run out of material, but he shows his vulnerable side, one I have never seen from him in all of the shows I’ve been to – from “The Golden Girlz” to “I Totally Know What You Did Last Donna Summer” (got to love that title). Droege shows he’s as vulnerable and sensitive as he is boisterous and over-the-top.
Kudos also go to director Michael Urie who has managed to keep Droege moving around the stage and interacting very well with characters that really aren’t there. It should also be noted that Urie is keeping very busy himself as besides directing this, he is acting across town in the brilliant “Torch Song” which is a draining role on its own.
Further, the sets are spot on! Truly feel we’re poolside, enjoying pre-wedding cocktails. Great job, Dara Wishingrad.
The show has already been extended once, so better act now to get tickets as January 7 isn’t so far away and that may be the true last day as it’s likely LA is calling Droege back.
For tickets and more information, go to www.brightcolorsandboldpatterns.com.