Love Among the Rich & Famous Has Its Price As Discussed with the Makers of “Those People” at LA’s Outfest By Kevin M. Thomas

"Those People"

“Those People”

We’ve all seen it before. Charming young man on New York’s Upper East Side has trouble coping in the real world even though he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

The movie “Those People” teases us with learning more about that life of the rich and famous but also shows how silver can tarnish.  This movie instead  focuses on our rich young man’s best friend Charlie, who seems more content as a struggling artist. Charlie is at a crossroads. He has kept his unrequited love for his rich socialite friend Sebastian a secret. But as he gets ready to thosepeople4make a move, he meets a free spirited musician, played by the sexy Haaz Sleiman, putting Charlie in a dubious love triangle.

The refreshing spin on the familiar tale of spoiled rich kids comes to life at the hand of writer/director Joey Kuhn, who we talked to while he was in San Francisco at the Frameline Film Festival.

Kuhn with one full length feature under his belt makes the list of auteurs to watch as he paints a wonderful tale that mixes innocence and purity with the bourgeois.

Kuhn tells us how the movie was inspired by events in his own life. Did he also meet a person like Sebastian, who lives in his own ivory tower prison as his Bernie Madoff-type father has made life outside unbearable? Or was that part just pure fiction

We also talked to the dewy-eyed and incredible sweet actor Jonathan Gordon, who plays the lead role of Charlie. Gordon, who exudes a beautiful heart and gentle spirit, shares with us how he prepared for some of the movies more dramatic moments and how those ultimately became his favorite scenes in the film.

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