Michael B. Jordan Gets Our Best Dressed Salute this Award’s Season with a Special Nod for those Killer Givenchy Shoes

Michael B. Jordan wearing Givenchy shoes at Oscars

Michael B. Jordan wearing Givenchy shoes at Oscars

It’s always great to see a young actor who’s moved steadily up the acting ranks through talent, good looks and a seemingly well balanced demeanor. Such is the case with Michael B. Jordan, who you may know from his mesmerizing and riveting performance in FRUITVALE STATION. Others may know him from his earlier television work on The Wired, All My Children, Parenthood and Friday Night Lights. On top of all that success, who knew the guy had such incredible fashion style. In a slew of awards shows, this past season, Jordan demonstrated he either has a very keen eye for style, hired an amazing stylist, or at the very least knows how to rock progressive fashion.

For the 2014 Academy Awards, Jordan wore Givenchy. The slim flitting and ultra tailored tuxedo was superb and we loved his simple skinny black tie, with ornate tie clips. But, it was clearly all about his Givency, Black & Silver Richelieu Metal Buckle Lace Up Shoes. Jordan took a very polished look from head, and normally I’d say to toe, but the latter was a bam moment! When you have a pair of buffed leather and metal buckle shoes, like he wore, then you make those stand out with a perfectly tailored slim fitting suit. Adding a few embellishments here and there, like the metal star tie clips and diamond studs, that the actor donned completed the entire look to perfection.


We recommend taking one of your suits and having it altered at a tailor to fit your body, or try shops like Zara, where they’ve already knocked off a similar slim fitting suit. Have fun looking for unique tie clips, cuff links and other jewelry, like broaches, at vintage shops,  where you’ll create a signature look for yourself. Finally, if you’re going to spend the money, opt for those killer shoes by Givenchy. Shoes like these will become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come, especially if you take care of them. Currently, you can get them at our favorite Montreal boutique, or online shop, Ssense. Take a look at the image below, and click on the image to find out how to get your very own Richelieu shoes,  by Givenchy from Ssense. Don’t forget to see Michael B. Jordan in “Fruitvale Station”, the sleeper hit, that should have received more recognition.  You can download it here on iTunes: