MIDORI CURTIS: New Gallery Opening in NYC featuring Intaglio Abstract Prints!


Midori Curtis’s new show,  ABSTRACT PRINTS BY MIDORI CURTIS officially opens Thursday December 3rd with an Artist Reception from 6-8 PM at the WORKS GALLERY. The show runs thru January 4th, 2010.


1250 Madison Ave. (Between 89th & 90th St.)  New York, NY 10128

212.996.0300 Email: WorksGallery@aol.com

Watch the VIDEO below of Midori Curtis which features her new intaglio prints and influences.

Midori Curtis was born in Kobe, Japan and moved to New York City after graduating from art college in Tokyo.

Her work emphasizes the fusion of her life in urban America and memories of her childhood in Japan, symbolized by the warmth of shoji-screens and wooden houses. The juxtaposition of these two cultures is the essence of her work.  She merges the dynamism and energy of New York City life with the beauty of the stillness and harmony in Japanese culture. She fuses both worlds by combining Western and Oriental papers, often using intaglio with the Chine-colle ( ganpi) technique of mounting thin Oriental paper on heavier Western paper.