On the Set of “HUSTLING: The Final Season” with Sebastian La Cause

Hustling Final Season

It’s hard to believe that “Hustling” the award winning web series by Sebastian La Cause is entering it’s third and final season. Will Ryan Crosby find a new life path outside of porn,  and will he reunite with his Mom (Sharon Washington)? Will his best friend, Jay (Andrew Glaszek) become a porn star? And what’s to become of Liv (Jessica Press) and Ryan? Will they ever get together, or will Ryan decide to be with the very hot boy toy, Julien Massi (Facundo Rodriguez), or become a chef with the help of Geoffrey, played by the very talented Gerald McCullouch? Let’s not forget about the very sexy and omniscient next door neighbor, and landlord, Rosa (Daphne Rubin-Vega) what will her fate be? Recently I visited the set of “Hustling” at the infamous G-Lounge in Chelsea, where they were shooting a very hot lap dance scene. I got as much out of La Cause as I could about the upcoming season and also chatted with his co-stars Facundo Rodriguez and Andrew Glaszek. Watch the video below and visit: Hustling.TV