Pacha Massive Dig Deeper in Production and Special Guests in “Where We Come From” on New Album

Where-We-Come-From-Pacha-Massive-Digipak-front-itunesIf you’re fans of Electronic Latin based group, Pacha Massive then you’re aware of their fusion of latin tinged music with electronic and ethereal elements. The listener is always on a musical journey when playing a Pacha Massive album complete with vocals that jump seamlessly between English and Latin languages. It’s been six years since their last album and the group’s fans have been anxious for new music from this groundbreaking ensemble which was formed by Nova and features unforgettable vocals, once again by Patricia Lynn.

Fans of the group will welcome the more intricate layering and soundscapes the band has incorporated in “Where We Come From”, alongside the familiar voices of Nova and Lynn. Additionally, the band welcomes new collaborations with Los Rakas, Sophy Encanto (Elastic Bond), and Natalia Clavier. However, perhaps melody and lyrics have taken a backseat to the more intricasies of production on this new effort. At times the lyrics and refrains can seem repetitive with one track blending into another. Absent on this album are the catchy, yet favorite gems like “Don’t Let Go”, “All Good Things”, “If You Want It”,  and driving tracks like “Take The Wheel” and “Tonight”. There’s also a sexy vibe that seems to be missing 0n this new collection of songs that was mysterious and intriguing on “All Good Things” and “If You Want It”.

By no means is, “Where We Come From” missing standout music. “For A Long Time” is an infectious and exhilarating dance track, while “Cuando Tu Quieras” should be a poolside Vegas anthem taking that audience to greater heights. “So Close” is blissfully vocal as it produces a very satisfying soundscape that will explode in your mind. “Good Music”, the final track showcases Nova’s ability to deliver his brand of reggae inspired rapping that’s soothing,  and shows the artist still has his hand on the pulse of creating ‘good music’. In this era of downloading individual tracks from an album, it’s worth finding your favorites from “Where We Come From” and adding them to the full album downloads of their earlier works, “All Good Things” and “If You Want It”.  Plus, I’ve been fortunate to see this band live and they truly deliver so look for future shows in your area. You can sample and download Pacha Massive’s “Where We Come From” below.