Photojournalist: Alissa Everett Raises Awareness & Funds For The Women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Photojournalist, Alissa Everett joined forces with Diana Britt (Executive Director and Co-Founder) and Tara Trask (Advisory Board) to create CARE THROUGH ACTION a group of compassionate, professional women who wanted to take a hands-on approach to supporting humanitarian organizations globally. Tired of feeling powerless about the Darfur crisis in Africa, this small group of women decided to form their own non-profit organization focused on funding organizations with integrity and efficacy, beginning with those making a difference in Darfur, moving on to one operating in Eastern Congo. Care Through Action’s goals are twofold: to raise awareness for global issues underreported in traditional media through series of photography exhibitions, and to raise financial support for hand-selected and well- researched organizations working with women and children victims of human rights abuses.

Diana Britt, Alissa Everett, Tara Trask

Wednesday in New York City The Setai Club and SHO Shaun Hergatt Restaurant presented along with Care Through Action the work of photojournalist, Alissa Everett, featuring The Women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The event created awareness for the horrible atrocities of rape and violence toward the women of the DRC through the photography shot by Alissa Everett. Stories of individual women accompanied the photography like the two below:

Nyota: 50 years old (Pictured Above Top) Widow and mother of seven children – Nyota was in the fields gathering food for her family when four CNDP soldiers tripped her with her basket, sending her to the ground, on her back. They threatened to kill her if she screamed and beat her for resisting severely then raping her. She now suffers internal injuries from the beatings and is worried about HIV.

Marie Grace

Marie Grace: 9 years old (Pictured Above)

Marie Grace was born Na’em. She was raped at 8 years old. Returing home from school, a man passed her house, asking for some water. Her mother was not home, but African children are obedient of their elders, so she obliged. The man followed her into the house and raped her. After the rape, she refused to be called Na’em and gave herself the name Marie Grace. Since the rape, she has been traumatized, refusing to go to school, demanding her parents to move homes, which they cannot afford, and arguing with her siblings.

Guests were encouraged to donate what they could learning that as little as $50 and$100 could help make a major difference in the lives of these women. The goal of Care Through Action, for this project is to build Safe Houses ($8,000)  for these women and children providing a safe sanctuary to care for these women and children. To find out more about Care Through Action and to donate visit their site: Visit Alissa Everett’s site:

Alissa Everett (left)

Ronan Henaff (Setai General Manager) Tai Zhang (Photographer_