#ProjectPandaMonium for CMJ tonight, October 14th with Killer Acts Like Tribe Society, herMajesty, Olivver the Kid and Anna Rose!

Olivver the Kid

Olivver the Kid

CMJ is here in New York so you know what that means plenty of fresh indie sounds pulsating throughout the city that never sleeps. #ProjectPandaMonium produced by Black Panda Pr is THE showcase to catch,  featuring fresh new indie bands,  plus Progressive Pulse favorite, Anna Rose who headlines this carefully crafted list of acts you won’t want to miss. The official showcase for CMJ takes place, Wednesday, October 14th in the Marlin Room at Webster Hall. Doors open at 5:30 PM.

The list of bands featured are a perfectly curated roster who’s music ranges from folk, to straight ahead rock,  and some welcomed electronic layers. Tribe Society will lead the night with explosive tracks off their current EP, “Lucid Dreams”. “Kings” is an anthemic track that is sung by lead singer, Gavin McDevitt who shouts, ‘make myself a king, we could be free…’. He has the vocal agility to wrap his voices around a simple guitar hook and then layer in quick vocal phrasing,  elevating the band to today’s modern ear.

herMajesty conjures of mysterious layered sounds that bring to mind Chris Isaak at his best, especially in tracks like “Days Turn to Night”. David Bowie, in the 80’s, also comes to mind complete with poetic lyrics, and an ability to create languid stylings with JP’s dreamy vocals.

The duo behind Secret Weapons have their current single, “Something New”, an 80’s sounding pop single that is a welcome addition to the night, by this handsome band.

Atarah Valentine is good ol’ classic rock with a dance vibe. Look out for break out single, “Break Free”.

The Mosers have a brand new electrifying rock single, “Cold Hearted Girl” that features plenty of attitude if you didn’t get that from the title. Their new EP, “Ticonderoga” is out October, 23rd.

Anna Rose

Anna Rose

Olivver the Kid had an brilliant electronic/pop/rock EP out last year, “Freak”. Standout tracks D.T.R.T., or ‘Do the Right Thing’ will hopefully be on the set list which features hypnotic and ethereal vocals. Their new EP, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” is out October 16th and features the band’s new single, “World on Fire”, sure to be a fan favorite.

East Love has a few tracks out now including the catchy, “Little Less”, as well as the beautiful rode trip single, “Straight Lines”. Judging by their social media, the band will be in full throttle tonight delivering their best.

And, we can’t forget headliner and Progressive Pulse favorite, Anna Rose. We’ve followed the modern folk chanteuse since the beginning, and she keeps getting better and better. Rose’s ability to switch from blues to rock, while conjuring up her some of her favorite iconic bands like, Little Feet is nothing short of addressing her confidence, while owning the stage.

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Sponsors include: GypsyWarrior & TuneCore