Provocative New Podcast about Gay Men Broadcasts LIVE to Kick Off Gay Pride in NYC!

Gregory Nalbone

The podcast, TALK ABOUT GAY SEX that launched at the beginning of 2017 has grown exponentially with listeners across the country and abroad. Host, Steve V. Rodriguez says he is thrilled with the response he’s received from listeners who have not been shy with their praise and feedback. “It’s funny, because I had this idea to talk openly about gay sex, like I do with my friends, but on my own podcast, however I don’t think I realized the tremendous growth and impact it would have on a larger scale. Friends and guys I see in the bars are not shy to voice their opinion about the show whenever I see them out.  From notions that I should open up more about my sex life, share more personal stories and get to the juicy stories a bit quicker in each broadcast, to favorable commentary that they love the intimacy that’s created on each show. ” Rodriguez, says he takes all comments and feedback seriously and he’s always tweaking, but at the end of the day he’s proud of the show and the ultimate interest in the format and content. “I’ve done many interviews with artists and activists before, but I

Steven Gabriel Bosque

wanted this show to be a conversation. With the help of our awesome special guests and co-hosts, Jeremy Ross Lopez and Steve Carpenter, the show always seems to flow for myself, co-hosts and guests.”

And, what about those side-kicks Jeremy and Steve Carpenter? “Jeremy was and is my BFF, and at the age of 26, he’s much more logical and mature than I am at times. He’s also part of a program and study that looks at his sexual practices for research, which makes him a great co-host.” As for Steve Carpenter? “Carpenter was someone I ran into at our mutual watering hole that always made me laugh. He’s been there and done that, but it’s his infectious spirit, experience and insight that really makes him a delight as my other co-host. Typically the two of them are not on the same show because A.) Keeps it interesting and B.) For scheduling the show.

Host, Steve V. Rodriguez (Middle), Jeremy Ross Lopez (Left), Steve Carpenter (Right)

“That’s probably the hardest part: scheduling the special guests and co-hosts. I like to record in the evening over cocktails at my place as well to loosen people up, and because I love my cocktails!”

Special Guests have included social media sensation and model, Gregory Nalbone, porn star, Drae Axdell, Legendary Promoter of DWORLD, Daniel Nardicio, DJ Joey Z, A.I.D.S. activist and owner/producer of TRANSCENDENT and AsiaSF, Larry Hashbarger, Entertainment Columnist and Personality, Kevin M. Thomas, Author, Tom Eubanks and more. “The special guests have been integral to the success of the show and I’m blessed to have so many open and cool guests,” says Rodriguez. “We have some really awesome upcoming guests, including conversations with prominent doctors in the HIV, PREP and hospital world that should be insightful and fun.”

The success of the show seems to be with the host, co-hosts and special guest’s openness to talk freely about gay sex. “I learned early on that for people to relate to what we were talking about, we had to be honest and open with our dialogue. That’s why I did a solo show on episode 10 so my audience could get to know me a little bit more. Parts of the show are cringe worthy, but I’m okay with that. I own it and my sense of humor and ability to laugh at myself has certainly grown for the better.”

TALK ABOUT GAY SEX will be LIVE on and their Youtube Channel on Wednesday, June 21 at 9PM Eastern Standard Time. Tweet questions or feedback to @talkaboutgaysex or on the Facebook page so the hosts can address them. Special Guests, Gregory Nalbone, Steven Gabriel Bosque, Daniel Nardicio and Bryan Cash will be at the LIVE broadcast for your questions.