Pulse Gear NYC is located at the Intersection of Fashion and Fetish

Gregory Nalbone wears original PULSE GEAR NYC spiked leather cuff plus Manskins chain suspenders and leg harness

Leather and Fashion are nothing new just look at our history. Everyone from the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians have used leather for protection, armor and shoes.

Wearing a leather jacket is standard and can be found in most closets, but wearing leather as fashion, like pants, shorts and shirts has been reserved for more risk takers. Thanks to films like “50 Shades of Grey” people are finding their fetish and with fetish comes leather.

With the launch of PULSE GEAR NYC, Progressive Pulse creators, Steve V. Rodriguez and Vivian Meade are intersecting leather gear into fashion with the craftmanship of Manskins. Taking leather a step further with the world of accessories. Items like cuffs, suspenders and harnesses are layered into a styled fashion ensemble to create a confident exterior that sets one apart.

Model Mike wears original PULSE GEAR NYC Midnight Blue Leather Wrist Restraints with Manskins Harness Suspenders in Cracked Natural Leather

PULSE GEAR NYC will feature leather accessories like harness belts, zipper patten leather gauntlets and choker collar harnesses all styled to be worn out in most metropolitan cities.

This weekend Pulse Gear NYC will launch at the quintessential leather festival in San Francisco, Folsom Street Fair. Creators, Rodriguez and Meade chose the iconic fair to launch for it’s legendary status as an international draw, it’s provocative stance and because the two grew up in the SF Bay Area. Afterward, the brand will be available online with made to order originals as well as curated brands that align with Pulse Gear NYC.


If you can’t make this year’s festival you can view live streams throughout the day on Sunday, September, 24th on Rodriguez’s podcast, TALK ABOUT GAY SEX. The podcast will be live with special guests as well as featuring the brand, Pulse Gear NYC. Go to Facebook.com/talkaboutgaysex to see the live streams. You can also visit: PulseGearNyc.com after September 24th or on their Instagram: @pulsegearnyc