Radical Self Care Begins Now in a New Free 3-Part Video Training Series


With a new year here it’s always a great time to focus on the year upon us and the goals we want to fulfill.  The tools are here in a new video program called the “Radical Self Care Uncovered” series developed by Pegah Kadkhodaian. In this series you’ll figure out what is really driving you and motivating you right now. You’ll pin point the most important aspects of your life that gets you up in the morning and figure out ways to help manifest them into reality. You’ll also learn how to bring to the forefront your values that may have been overshadowed by our busy lives. Pegah shows us that during changes in life and difficult times we tend to forget about our own sacred values that are important to us, which are often the first to diminish. Finally, in the third video installment you’ll learn what foods nourish you on a personal level,  and figure out what movements are key for you to ensure you are active on a daily basis. With proper nutrition and exercise we can find, keep and nourish our prana, or life’s purpose.

As Pegah states, “We prioritize everything above our basic self-care needs. We compromise how we eat by making poor choices out of habit, “convenience” or a need to numb. We stop moving the body in nurturing and joyful ways, we sacrifice our sleep and other necessary self care practices get put into the “luxury” category. This is completely backwards because without a functioning and enriched mind, body, and spirit we can’t truly show up for ourselves much less anyone else.”

To get your free 3-part series visit: www.pknyhealth.com Once you sign up you’ll receive the video series in your inbox. Watch the video below to learn a little more about Pegah. Beyond the 3-part series you can also work with Pegah to continue to fulfill your amazing year ahead. Twitter: @pknyhealth Instagram: @pknyhealth