Road Trip “Retake” Likely to Be a Highlight at LA’s Outfest

By Kevin M. Thomas



Thank goodness Tuc Watkins wasn’t available for the interview I did for the movie “Retake.”

I caught up with his co-star Devon Graye as well as director/writer Nick Corporon, cinematographer/co-writer Collin Brazie and producer Sean Mandell when they were at San Francisco’s Frameline Film Festival and on their way to LA’s Outfest.  These guys were all so nice and their film so memorable,  yet I can’t believe I kept forgetting their last names when we set down and talked.   But if my favorite TV soap star,  hunky Watkins were there, it might have been even a bigger distraction.

Click here and watch me embarrass myself on-camera,  but do take in the one thing I got right during the interview: “Retake” is an unforgettable and haunting film about a man who wants to recreate a road trip from his past, including hiring a young hustler to play the role of his road companion. Performance wise, Watkins opens our eyes to see that he’s got an incredible range and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and volatile on screen, proving he’s more than eye candy or a comedic sidekick. He digs deep into the psyche of his character and delivers. Another revelation is his co-star Graye, who is an up-and-coming Bay Area actor that has already been in dozens of TV series,  but will definitely catch movie makers attention with his real, natural characterization.

Learn more about Graye’s own insight to his character in our chats. We also learn about the bond that formed between this close-knit troupe during the road trip scenes.  

Director Corporon also shares with us the future of “Retake” beyond its July 14 screening at Los Angeles’ Outfest. To get tickets to Outfest, go to

 To find out where it travels next, you can go to as well as @RetakeTheMovie on Facebook, Twitter and InstaGram.