San Francisco’s “OMFG” is a musical marriage of music and lyrics by Kevin M. Thomas


For those unfamiliar with text-speak, may not know what “OMFG, the internet dating musical” is about. But composer Christopher Winslow promises you’ll leave San Francisco’s ODC Theatre humming some of the tunes and with a big smile on your face.

Winslow is finishing his artist in residency at ODC and is completing it what seems like a high note. “OMFG” (and if you don’t know still, look it up!) is about two individuals kind of at the crossroads of love and middle age and decide to give the internet a try in order to find a mate.

“They’re scared and vulnerable,” Winslow says, “and like the rest of us tell little lies to each and that ultimately get bigger” and makes for a lot of laughs in the show.

Winslow seems very competent about the likeability of the show and its characters. In fact, he points out that an artist within ODC usually has just one weekend to put on a production but he’s been given two weeks – July 8-10 and July 15-17.

He also seems comfortable with being able to create melodies that will not only move along a story, but can be stand alone songs as well.

As for the book and lyrics, they come from Gavin Geoffrey Dillard, who is famous for homoerotic poetry as much as he is for reading it in the nude. An icon in the gay literary world, Dillard has donated many of his works and personal letters to the San Francisco Public Library.

To hear for yourself the marriage of music and lyrics, some of the songs from  from “OMFG” at

To see the show, you can get tickets at You won’t find them at a discount outlet, points out Winslow, as they are already $15-18