San Francisco’s Peaches Christ brings annual “Showgirls” to the masses – complete with audience lap dances! by Kevin M. Thomas


Time to prepare for your annual lap dance at Peaches Christ’s “Showgirls”  which hits San Francisco on Saturday, August 27 at the Castro Theatre.

bb_showgirls_27It’s Peaches 14th annual “midnight” style screening of the classic camp terd of a film that won many Razzie Awards for the worst film of its year and decade…but we don’t have to wait until midnight because when it transferred to the Castro Theatre last year the show now starts at 8pm with a special Goddess experience mixer at 7pm (which comes with preferred seating).

Seeing a bad film and watching all of the preamble that goes with it, Peaches Christ style is a site to behold. According to Peaches herself, she has spiced up the pre-show a bit with a few new bits and characters and will still give the audience what they want: a night of talking back to the screen to the film’s god awful dialog and acting, a re-enactment of the shows famous Volcano dance and of course the traditional lap dance with every large popcorn sold.


For those not in the know that ‘lap dance’ can scar you for life. Peaches will send her cast of freaky characters to search in the audience – from the orchestra to the balcony – to ensure that every person with a large ‘corn gets a lap dance. These aren’t always titillating sexy dances. Some of these bizarre characters will grind, smush, tea bang and rock your world silly. All for the price of a large popcorn. My dear friend Francis has never come back to “Showgirls” as he has been scarred for life.

Showgirls-Teaser-1-195x300Seeing it in the Castro has more than enhanced the experience. The theatre it played in for 12 years was a great place and provided a more intimate setting. But in the grandiose Castro, everything is bigger – from Peaches hair to the number of lap dancers. And, according to Peaches herself,  “Hearing over 1,000 people go nuts for pool-fucking is an incomparable experience.”

To get the $20 tickets for the movie only or the $40 Goddess Experience tickets, go to It will sell out so don’t wait to buy tickets at the door. With the Goddess Experience ticket, you get two cocktails in the Cheetah Lounge in the theatre, a signed “Showgirls: Peaches Christ Experience” program and you get to sit and mingle with other Goddesses in the VIP section not to mention early admission into the theatre.