“Seeds of Time” is a Race Against the Effects of Global Warming Directing Our Focus to What Matters, The Seed By Steve V. Rodriguez


One hopes that we’re not still questioning whether or not global warming is a reality, but moving on to what can be done since many have proven it’s current effects on our beloved planet. In the new documentary, “Seeds of Time”, Academy Award nominated director, Sandy Mcleod follows one man, Cary Fowler as he tirelessly races against the clock for his own life as well as for the ‘seeds’ of our future,  in hopes of changing notions of agriculture as we know it. The powerful and timely film places our attention on the race to save our food by placing an emphasis on seed banking, crop diversification and raising our conscientiousness for our global family as well as for future generations.

At the center of the film, and mainly what makes “Seeds of Time” so riveting and engrossing is it’s protagonist, Cary Fowler, Fowler is the current Executive Director of Crop Trust, an international organization who’s focus is to save crop diversity. Fowler has broken all odds with his own personal fight against Cancer, but has devoted an enormous portion of his life to educate and act towards seed banking and crop diversification, since agriculture today will not be able to sustain the future. We learn early on in the film that over the years big business farming methods, which are controlled by smaller numbers,  has dramatically decreased crop diversity bringing numbers down as low as seven percent,  compared to the the diversity of crops that existed a century ago. Global warming is affecting crop production through disease while threatening future growth. According to Fowler we need to take acton now. Through seed banking and crop diversification we can invest in our future generations, however even with these actions,  global warming threatens these means.  A devastating example in Mcleod’s film informs of a seed bank in the Philippines which was destroyed due to the recent typhoon, while one woman has to inform of this destruction to a global group as she is broken down to tears.

“Seeds of Time” takes us on a global journey showing the unsung heroes who are working behind the scenes in varied forms to address the seeds of our future.  Many are re-investing in new methods, while looking for the seeds of our past as possible means to create new crops grown in different environments.  We’re also introduced to indigenous tribes of Peru who have been growing their own potato crops for centuries, but are finding their crops threatened by the changing weather patterns. By reinvesting their current crops and joining forces with surrounding tribes they are creating a conscientious of their work by placing it on a global platform.

“Seesds of Time” puts the emphasis on the urgency of time and action that is needed to protect and save our seeds,  or risk future losses of diversity and ultimately crop production as we know it today. We are at an all time low of crop diversity as prices continue to increase in grocery stores . Our planet relies on the few seeds that we still cultivate, but they are increasingly endanger due to our changing planet.  Fowler is at the forefront of this fight, a fight that he is losing based on his own personal health. He is an inspiration and hero.  “Seeds of Time” might just encourage greater masses to join the fight to save our seeds.

“Seeds of Time” opens in New York on May 22nd at Cinema Village and in LA on May 29th at Laemmle Music Hall 3. The film will open nationwide and become available On-Demand soon. To get involved and follow the film visit: www.seedsoftimemovie.com