Sexy actors make for a great “Weekend” by Kevin M. Thomas


Finally…”Weekend” opens this weekend.

I saw it during this year’s Frameline GLBT film festival. It was one of my favorites and has stuck with me.

“Weekend” is kind of a serious British version of the American comedy “Trick.” It’s about two guys who hook-up and then grow closer after spending time together over the course of a weekend. They have sex and great conversations while they learn about each. Their relationship seems to go from a one night stand to something deeper.

0-5-8Practically a two man show, would make a great stage production, “Weekend” also echoes “My Dinner With Andre” in its character study. Big difference is Andre and Wallace were prudes and self-indulgent and Russell (Tom Cullen) and Glen (Chris New) are hipper and much sexier. Cullen is also a cute cub – making it the perfect movie for bears to get behind.

Director/writer Andrew Haigh has really put the pieces to this puzzle together well and he shows great promise as a filmmaker. His first feature, “Greek Pete,”  wasn’t bad but seemed more vacuous and seem too focused on the sex while “Weekend” shows it has real heart and is still titillating.


And better yet! “Weekend” opened last Friday at Landmark Theatre’s Embarcadero Cinema in San Francisco and the cool Shattuck Cinema in Berkeley (and in one of their screening lounges in which you can watch the movie on a couch and at night drink cocktails during the movie if you’re over 21). Get show times at It also plays in San Jose at the Camera 3 –

New York can catch “Weekend” at the IFC Center or Clearview’s Chelsea. L.A. can see the film at Laemmle Sunset 5.

Learn more about the film at