SF Emerging Artist is No “Pansy” by Kevin M. Thomas


Evan Johnson has come a long way.  We first met him a year ago when he was in New Conservatory pans1Theatre Center’s “Slipping” and since then he’s gone on to play Roseanne’s mother in the drag version of the famed TV series.

Now, obviously he’s been recognized for his accomplishments as he’s part of NCTC’s Emerging Artists Program and has put together his own one man show, “Pansy,” playing through June 29.

Our reunion with Johnson  was just like visiting a dear friend. We had a great chat and it felt kind of like,  the Evan and Kevin show.

Johnson told us about what he’s done in the past year,  and we even threw around the term “dramaturg,” which we hadn’t even heard of until this year. 

Join us in catching up with Johnson below.  You can also get tickets to “Pansy” at www.nctcsf.org.