“Showgirls,” Lap Dances and Popcorn – A Great Way to Spend $18 in San Francisco by Kevin M. Thomas


Peaches Christ

“Showgirls” is coming back, Peaches Christ  style, but the Saturday, August 7 screening is going to be a little different. First of all, it will be at the Castro Theatre, which is a much larger venue than the Bridge Theatre, where it was screened every summer for the past decade as part of the Midnight Mass summer movie series.
It also will not be playing at midnight – the show starts at 8pm. And when we say show, we don’t mean the movie.
As it has in the past, there is more to “Showgirls” than a movie screening. According to Peaches Christ herself, she won’t give away all of her secrets for this special screening but it will be more grandiose as it is the larger Castro.  “All I’ll say is that it’s some of the old with something new,” hints Peaches. “We’re going to of course do a version of our volcanic Goddess spectacular, but we’re also including something in the pre-show that we’ve never attempted before,” she adds. “I actually just got back from dance rehearsals with (side kick) Martiny, which is a surreal thing unto itself.”
Peaches has confirmed that there will still be lap dances with large popcorns.

Elizabeth Berkley in "Show Girls"

Elizabeth Berkley in "Show Girls"

For those unfamiliar with “Showgirls,” it was released in a year in which there seemed to be a whole crop of movie dramas about Las Vegas including “Leaving Las Vegas” which won Nicholas Cage an Oscar and “Casino” which got Sharon Stone a nomination.

“Showgirls” also received a lot of accolades…for worst movie. “Showgirls” received a record number 13 Razzie  Award nominationss for worst film and won in seven categories. It also was voted Worst Film of the Decade by the Razzie Awards as well.

The movie has become a cult classic – whether it was intentional or not. It had a high powered writer behind it, Joe Eszterhas,, who also wrote “Basic Instrinct.” And the director Paul Verhoeven also has made a name for himself with “Robocop,” “Total Recall” and a whole slew of Dutch films.

But what ends up on screen is nothing like the gritty realness of “Leaving Las Vegas” or “Casino” rather it’s more like titty camp as star Elizabeth Berkley is naked for a good percentage of the film. The film is so bad that Berkley about killed her career with this one picture. And while the film bombed at the box office due to horrible reviews, it found a new life just two years later as a cult film in which fans of camp and bad filmmaking embrace its flaws.  “It’s super rare that a movie comes out and within two years it’s being released becomes part of a cult midnight movie series.  It’s just another reason  ‘Showgirls’  is so special,” says Peaches.
Will Berkley come to the screening this year? “ She has an open invitation of course, and I’m confident that someday we’ll get to do a show together.  I want her to know and experience just how much she’s worshipped,” says Peaches.
To learn more about “Showgirls” and all that is Peaches Christ, go to www.peachchrist.com. To purchase tickets for the Aug. 7 8pm screening at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre, go to http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/119018.  Tickets are $18 – – not bad for a night of live entertainment, a movie and lap dances!