Showstopping Linda Eder Is Back – And Yet She Never Left

by Kevin M. Thomas, @ReelKev

Linda Eder

If you’ve been wondering where Linda Eder has been, you’d likely be surprised she hasn’t gone anywhere.
But a lot of her “new” music actually isn’t new at all. Eder has taken more control of her career and sells her music – and art – on her own website,

For those who order music through popular devices such as iTunes and Amazon, might think Eder’s last record was seven years ago with “Now.”
You’d be further surprised to hear a lot of new music if you attend Eder’s concert at Feinstein’s at the Nikko at the end of
Eder has self-released three albums since 2011’s “Now”: “Linda Live,” “Christmas Where You Are” and “Retro.” So fans that don’t follow her as closely as others, have a lot of catching up to do.
“People who buy music by downloading are mostly looking for the hits,” Eder says. “I really don’t have hit singles,” she says, adding that her albums are well received as a collection rather than for one particular song. So instead of renewing her record deal, Eder decided that she can be more successful selling her music herself on her website. “This also gives me a lot more freedom,” she says.
Her latest, “Retro,” has everything an Eder fan would love. It combined some jazzy tunes with sneak previews of many musical shows in development, including from shows “Havana” and “Camille Claudel,” with music from her ex-husband Frank Wildhorn. “Frank will always be part of my life,” Eder says not only for professional reasons but they have a child together. “He’s always sharing songs with me,” she adds and pays special attention to ones with lyrics from Jack Murphy. {The three of them are like the Burt Bacharach/Hal David/Dionne Warwick of today.)
Whether Eder will be in any of these new Wildhorn shows – on tour or on Broadway –  is highly unlikely. “To do a Broadway show eight times a week takes a lot out of you,” she says, likely reflecting on her acclaimed performance in Broadway’s “Jekyll & Hyde.” But she would definitely consider doing a movie musical and still loves to do concerts.
“Concert audiences are always so warm and welcoming and full of energy,” she says, excited about her trip back to San Francisco. Her spare time in the City, though, isn’t filled with restaurants and sightseeing. She says she pretty much needs to rest her voice in the day to be prepared for her evening performance. But when she does get a chance, she really likes walking around the City.
But at night, she is performance ready – and will bring her fans, new and old alike, a show that will feature some of her showstopping favorites mixed in with new material. Eder says she loves to test material on audiences and her fans. In fact, Eder says, she’s working on a Broadway show recording and has even received input from her fans through a poll on her website.
At face value, the show Eder will put on at Feinstein’s will likely delight her fans. But behind the scenes, we now have a more business savvy Eder who has taken all aspects of her career into her own hands.
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