Soledrifter’s New EP, “No Holding Back” is Filled with Sensuous Vocals, Deep Bass and Plenty of Soul

SoledrifterSoledrifter, also known as Dmitry Meshcheryakov, is out with a brand new EP, “No Holding Back” that is filled with heavy bass Deep House grooves. The musician, turned House producer, has created a four-track EP of soulful House tracks that could easily ignite any good evening, keep the night pushing forward,  or find their way into any after hours scene. The versatility of these tracks, at times is reminiscent of the Naked Music era, with producers like Andy Caldwell and Jay Denes, especially on tracks “Friend and Foe”, and the vocal driven, “Quest For Beauty”, featuring sensual vocals by Alexandra Morrison. The latter, which conjures up vocalists like Aya or Lisa Shaw, from Blue Six is a perfect chill and moody track to enhance your senses,  and round out the EP. “Do To Me”, and “No Holding Back” will keep the bass, funk and heavy beats pushing forward into the night. On Miguel Migs label, Salted Music, “No Holding Back” is a welcome addition for keeping the Deep House, soulful grooves on point, and perfect for Spring and Summer 2014.