Ten More Good Years – Aging in the LGBT Community

Progressive Pulse had a chance to attend the screening of the documentary, TEN MORE GOOD YEARS this past Sunday afternoon. The documentary is part of this year’s Frameline32 Film Festival in San Francisco. The film looks at the difficulties surrounding the aging LGBT community. Director, Mike Jacoby gives the audience a view of life through the eyes of four Senior Citizens within this community helping us to see the discrimination this generation fought against during the Civil Rights movement and continues to face in what should be their ‘golden years’

Progressive Pulse Host, Matt Lamos, who also appears in the documentary had a chance to talk to some of the movie goers to get their reaction to the film along with a chat with the Director, Mike Jacoby. TEN MORE GOOD YEARS will be airing on the Sundance Channel through July www.sundancechannel.com and will then air on the Logo Channel. You can also visit www.10moregoodyears.com for more information on the film.